Sunday, September 30, 2012

Almost OK.

Things have been good.  Really good actually.  I almost am afraid to put the words to paper, in that saying it aloud will jinx me and I will get walloped hard and awful.  But I've been feeling pretty OK for a while now.  My ON has really, really calmed down, to the point that I hardly even notice the shocks and ice pick stabs anymore.  I know I am still getting them, but they have been numbed down so much more considering how I was just even a few months ago.  On one hand- It. Is. Amazing. I finally am getting the relief I have needed for so long.  But on the other hand I almost feel like I can't get myself too excited, go out and do too much or almost walk on eggshells in fear of triggering an attack.  And now that I have been feeling pretty good on a day to day basis when I do get a headache, it knocks me out cold.  I have a harder time pushing through the pain and putting on that happy face like I was so good at before.   When I get a "headache"  I get
I have been noticing that my TN has been the thing that I have feeling more and more lately, which is new for me. I always had symptoms, but nothing too debilitating. Nothing like those people you see on youtube have. But for the past month I have been affected in my jaw big time. I actually dropped my fork when I took a bite because the pain was so intense. This was no toothache.  Every chew sent electric shocks through my mouth, jaw, and ear.  Over and over and over.  It got to the point where I was afraid to eat.  And then it was gone.  G-o-n-e.  And then the "sunburn" feeling came back across my cheeks each time I would use my blush brush.  I don't even have a tan, let alone a sunburn.  But the lightest touch of my soft blush brush would make me jump and twinge like I had beet red cheeks from sitting in the sun too long.  I also got that crazy electric shock in my tongue like I told you about a while back.  It came back just this week; again in the middle of the night.  But it isn't every time.  Not enough for me to feel like I can even really complain when i look at my quality of life one year ago.  I am doing so much better over all.  It just makes me a little scared when new symptoms pop up.

I saw Dr. D last week for my 6 week follow up (we were able to push my 4 week ones to 6 weeks, so I must be improving somewhat).  It went well.  We are keeping me with the dosages of all my current meds (carbamazepine 1200mg, Celexa 20mg, cyclobenzaprine 5mg 3x a day and my birth control of course).  I did ask her to change my abortive because Imitrex just hasn't been working for me like it should.  I asked her about Maxalt since I got a sample from her and it worked in 15 minutes(!).  She said she loved the stuff and wrote me a script.  Got a call from the pharmacy after I dropped it off telling me that for 30 pills it would cost me $200.89!!!  Ok, so there is no way we can afford that.  I asked how much 5 pills would be hoping it would get me al least through the next few months or at least until I saw her next and jest 5 costs me $39!.  Absolutely ridiculous.  A 100% not fair.  I need to call Dr. D back and see what she thinks would work well instead.

So yes, in one way I am doing better, and other ways not so much.  My biggest complaint these days- I'm tired. I am just so freaking tired of taking pills 3 times a day. I wish I could flush them all down the toilet. (I won't because I'm not stupid.) But being chronically ill just freaking sucks.

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