Friday, April 12, 2013

Congratulations Winners!

Congratulations Jacqui Roberts and Laura Finlay Adkins who were my two winners for the Excedrin Migraine Giveaway!!
Please message me ASAP with your addresses so you can get your goodies right away! Thank you everyone else that entered and stay tuned for future giveaways on the horizon... there are quite a few on the way!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Are Particular Foods A Migraine Trigger For You? *plus a Giveaway!*

There are countless things that can trigger a persons migraines. Not enough sleep, barometric pressure or changes in the weather, particular smells like perfume or cologne, and most common are different foods and alcohol.  There are many foods that can potentially trigger migraines and for those who suffer, it’s extremely important to identify those trigger foods. By knowing what they are – and avoiding them – migraine sufferers can help reduce the frequency of their migraines. 

My migraines are most often triggered by barometric pressure and lack of sleep.  But so many of my friends have food and especially red wine triggers.  Having a night out full of Chinese food and a bottle of wine could leave them crippled in bed with a raging migraine.  So awful!! 

I talked to you guys previously about The My Migraine Triggers™ iPhone developed by the makers of Excedrin®.  It is an app that allows migraine sufferers to track the causes of their migraines.  Well it also has a place to track food and drink as well!  It then gathers this data into reports and charts that can easily be shared with your doctor. This app is so, so easy to use- you don't need to be tech savvy to figure it out.  It just walks you step by step through the triggers, you check them off and the app does the rest for you.  After you are done you can easily see what needs to be avoided in your life or your diet to keep yourself migraine free.  It is a Godsend!

Registered dietitian Keri Gans offers valuable information about potential migraine trigger foods that every sufferer should know:
  • There are many foods and drinks that can trigger migraines, like citrus fruits, nuts, and foods that contain MSG. It’s important for folks to determine which foods are potential migraine triggers for them. By tracking their triggers, people can avoid them in the future, to help prevent or minimizing migraine attacks.
  • Tyramine: Tyramine is a substance found naturally in some foods, like aged cheese and red wine. It’s formed from the breakdown of protein as foods age. A good rule of thumb is that the longer a high-protein food ages, the higher the tyramine content. Some common foods that contain tyramine include: aged cheeses, red wine, alcoholic beverages and some processed meats.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol increases blood flow to your brain, which can cause migraines and headaches. Red wine, beer, whiskey and champagne are the most common culprits.
  • Other potential migraine triggers include: artificial sweeteners (such as aspartame), chocolate, citrus fruits, coffee or tea, tannins, (like red-skinned apples or pears) caffeinated soda, foods that contain MSG, and nuts or nut butters.
  • Food For the Brain: There is emerging science that suggests foods rich in magnesium, such as kale and broccoli, support healthy brain function. Try swapping kale for romaine in your salad at lunch to increase your magnesium intake.
And of course, don't forget to keep on hand a bottle of Excedrin® Migraine for those moments that a migraine does spring on you! It is the #1 neurologist recommended over-the-counter brand for migraine relief. It offers convenient and effective relief for migraines and was the first non-prescription medicine approved by the FDA to treat all the symptoms of a migraine.

Be sure to follow Excedrin on Facebook  and on Twitter to stay up to date on their latest news and promotions!

To learn more about Excedrin Migraine, please visit

The My Migraine Triggers app is FREE. You can find My Migraine Triggers app on iTunes or in the app store on your apple device.

Enter To Win!!
As an Excedrin Migraine Ambassador I am lucky to host another awesome Giveaway for all of my readers!  As a way of keeping us forward thinking on food recipes and eating healthy for our bodies and our brains to keep migraines at bay I am giving away some awesome kitchen items!  Being that cooking is one of my most favorite hobbies, I am super excited about this giveaway!! 

TWO Lucky Winners Are Going to Win ALL of These Goodies!!

The Veggie-Peel - This innovative fruit and vegetable peeler features a patented, built-in chamber that retains peels during use. Scraps are held in the durable, thermo-plastic chamber, eliminating messy peelings and clogged sinks. The double sided stainless steel blade allows for both right and left handed use.

Harold Import Company Avo Saver - Avo Saver is easy to use and will reduce a cut avocado’s exposure to air, greatly slowing the destructive oxidization process.

Dressing Emulsifier - The Emulsifier is an innovative way to mix up and store delicious salad dressings. It's very easy to use; simply remove the top of the Emulsifier, fill with oil, vinegar and herb replace lid and squeeze the handle to blend.

Emson Two Tier Microwave Steamer Food Cooker – This microwave steamer retains more vitamins & nutrients than other means of cooking vegetables, perfect for healthy cooking. It allows you to cook/steam two dishes at once, fits in most microwave ovens and is dishwasher safe.

Simply enter by using the Rafflecopter form below!  Good luck! 

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Disclosure: I am an Excedrin® Migraine brand ambassador. Compensation was provided by Novartis Consumer Health, Inc., the makers of Excedrin® Migraine; my journey for a migraine-free experience is my own.

Baltic Amber Necklaces

Have you heard about these things? Baltic amber is a natural resin. When worn against the skin the warmth of your body releases the natural healing oils called succinic acid while naturally relieving pain associated with headaches, TMJ, neck and shoulder pain, migraines, and teething (they have them for babies too). When worn on the wrist it can heal pain associated to carpel tunnel, RA, arthritis, and so much more. Truly a remarkable way to heal naturally!

I didn't learn about these necklaces while my children were still teething.  But I did get one for myself- as you all know about my complex neurological condition, Occipital Neuralgia, that gives me Chronic Daily Headaches and Migraine disease. It's debilitating. I have been taking the highest dosage of anti- seizure meds and an antianxiety pill to balance me out and make my days livable. It helped with my headpain immensely. BUT I had no short-term memory. I lost words (would totally forget what a rock was called while I was looking at it, for example). These meds are also hard on a woman's bones, so long term use is not ideal. 

We decided a few months ago to start trying for another baby and along with this decision I had to go off everything- they were all Class D drugs. Needless to say I was terrified of going back to debilitating pain. I did some research and discovered the amber necklaces. I bought it 2 months ago, only take it off to shower and I am PROUD to say I have only had a itty bitty handful of minor headaches since (I have had them everyday, all day for the past 6 years).  If a person needs medication I believe in it 100%!!! There is no reason to suffer. A person needs to be able to live a good quality of life!! BUT if you can find something that works just as great, AND has no side effects- well obviously that is a huge win!!The necklaces work amazing and love the fact that I no longer have to be on ANY MEDICATION!! They were a life changer for me. I have my life back, and my memory too.

There are many, many places online that you can buy these necklaces (and bracelets) at.  But please be careful because there are many fakes out there.  Finding a reputable seller is key.  As far as online retailers go, I would recommend Inspired By Finn, amber24 and Hazelaid. I bought mine at a local natural parenting store here in Ohio, The Breastfeeding Center, LLC.

I just checked out amber24 and I can't get over how beautiful some of the adult necklaces are!! Considering I never take mine off, I would love to have some variety! The designs are just stunning. I am going to have to stock up....Now how on earth am I going to decide on a fun new one- I want them all!! lol

God bless natural healing!

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