Sunday, May 20, 2012

Physical Therapy, oh how I love you!

So as part of my new treatment my doctor put me on a muscle relaxer 2-3 times a day and Physical Therapy. I went to a new PT building which is actually a new athletic/rehabilitation center for the hospital. I CAN NOT speak more highly of the treatment I have been getting there. 100 times better then what i receiving before in the other location!! They are doing warm-ups, stretches, massage, exercises, and the newest thing, traction. OMG I LOVE traction. Have any of you tried it before? They have done both manual and machine traction and both are amazing. I am seeing huge results. I went from having 100's of those stabbing/electric shock pains throughout my day to about 20-30. Some days only a handful. I don't want it to ever end!!!

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