Thursday, March 29, 2012

How do single parents do it?!

I have had the worst past two days. My husband has been out of town since Sunday so I have a lot more on my plate then usual. I am sure that has something to do with it. Yesterday I went to my mom's with the kids to have a nice afternoon, well the he head pain became so excruciating I went to sleep. Slept 2.5 hours! The worst of my eye pain went away a bit but came back by the evening. I woke up with it again today. So disappointing :(

I was doing SO WELL, and it was really looking like things were turning around. And then it all changes just like that. I am a grown woman and I still don't know what I would do without my Mom!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Of course I spoke too soon

Woke up yesterday in a funk. Just had the feeling of melancholy that is hard to shake. The thing is is that it was a georgous 80 degree day here in Ohio. In March! That is unheard of. Yet I just felt sad.  I baked in the morning which usually makes me feel better and then got the boys outside for a little Vitamin D that we all needed.  The baby was exploring and having a great old time and then BAM!  He got hit with the crankies.  Now he couldn't shake it.  He was crying something awful and there was nothing I could do to make him feel any better.  Snacks.  No. Cuddling.  No.  Oragel.  Hmmmm..... maybe.  Wait- no. He would just start to calm down and then the littlest thing would get him reeling again.  His little scream when I am feeling yucky (OK, not so little) has a way that just needles into my eye and turns it with a knife.  It is just the right pitch to bring on an ON attack.

My sweet neighbor came over with a cup of green tea and some nice company and that brightened my mood a little bit.  It was like she just knew I needed it.  Oh how lucky I am to have wonderful neighbors.  When Owen (or me, to be honest) couldn't take it any longer we went inside for some nap time.  He fell asleep in my arms, Jackson took a great nap without fighting me, and I had a solid 2 hours of quiet time. It was exactly what I needed.  The rest of the evening was nice with the family, with only a little bit of in and out eye spasms.

Today I woke up feeling great, got to enjoy chapel time with my oldest in preschool and then headed for my Wednesday morning Bible Study.  I wish they were every day, I feel so uplifted after.  Then I had a nice visit with my other neighbor friend while the kids played in the yard.  I have been missing these woman friendships all winter for sure!  It is so good to have them back now that we are all out of hibernation.  The bummer though is that i think I sat in the sun a little too long.  I should have known better.  Too much of direct sunlight and heat beating down on my head seems to be another one of my triggers.  But I couldn't help it it felt soo gooooood!  But now all night I am paying for it.  Eye pain in and out in and out in and out.  I feel like I am slurring my words because the pain gets so bad when I get those stabs.  Took 4 advil and the stabbing and jabbing pain has reduced.  Now I just have this strong firey burning in my cheekbones and around my eye.   I took my carbamazepine an hour ago so I am hoping that will kick in shortly and will also help a bit.  I know that I have my vicodin for emergency, but I am kinda afraid to use them.  I don't want to go through them too fast and then have Dr. D feel like I am abusing them or something.  Trying to hold off.  I will be heading to bed soon and sleep is usually a good remedy for pain.

It always seems that when I say things have been great, I get a kick in the head.  Boo.  Let's just hope I over did it in the sunshine and things will be brighter and less painful tomorrow.  My mom suggested I get myself a hat for being in the sun.  I think I will have to listen to her.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Best I've felt in YEARS

About a month ago Dr. D upped my medication dosage due to the increased head and facial pain. I am now at 600 mg twice a day.  This will be my last upping on this particular medication.  I can't go any higher.  If this doesn't work then I need to try something new.  I also complained about my weight gain, and she said that sometimes it happens until your body gets used to the medication and then you taper off. 

Well last week I went for my 4 week check up and it was so great!  I am still getting lightening flashes, but they are farther and fewer between.  I can clearly say that I have not felt this good in FIVE YEARS!  woot!!!!  I am not perfect, but doing so much better.  I have had one really, really bad breakthrough pain within this past 4 weeks.  There was a bad storm and the barometric pressure changed (one of my triggers).  The advil wouldn't shake it one little bit.  I had to take a hardcore pain pill I had left over from my ER visit and go to sleep for 3 hours to begin to feel better.  When I woke up the stiff neck, trigger point pain was back.  I talked to Dr. D about it at this last appointment.  She finally agreed to give me emergency pain pills and also a muscle relaxer to help in these bad times.  I hope to never need them, but I feel very relieved knowing they are safe in my closet if I do.

Oh!  And I have lost 5 pounds!!  I actually did a little cheer  when I stood on the scale at the office.  The nurse laughed at me and said that she doesn't get that all too often.  It looks like my hard work reducing carbs is working.  That and also my body might finally be getting used to this medication.  Very cool!

I actually am beginning to feel like a normal person again.  WOW.  You have no idea how bad your conditions were until they are fixed.  I am so greateful.  It sucks to have a diagnosis that may follow me the rest of my life.  But it makes it not so bad when I also have a great doctor and medication to help me (almost) forget about it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

OK, I confess

So I have been known to do this from time to time... lol
Love this!!! 


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